The Gathering Collective Healing Conversations about the process of healing in a co-created community that supports our individual and collective healing.

We gather monthly to connect and hold space online for sharing-circle-style conversations to weave together our lived experiences, stories, wisdom, insights and ideas.

The Gathering is a co-created, community-led, no-cost virtual space.

We are counterculture collaborators, driven to co-create a community (without a looming sales pitch) where we can explore collective healing and practice how we 'heal in community'.

The Gathering is an evolving concept - we invite input, ideas, and critical feedback because the quality of any community is gleaned from the wisdom and energy of the people involved.

If you've been looking for an opportunity to connect with, share, and learn from others who are walking the healing road - you have arrived!

The Gathering: Upcoming Dates

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Sept 20: 8-10 pm EST / 6-8 pm MST / 5-7 pm PST

Oct 18: 8-10 pm EST / 6-8 pm MST / 5-7 pm PST

Nov 15 : 8-10 pm EST / 6-8 pm MST / 5-7 pm PST

*Please complete the sign-up process for each call you plan to attend.
*Offered a NO COST to you.
*Limited spots available.

*Calls are lightly structured, gently guided conversations intended to support emotional safety and meaningful connections, and hold space for group sharing.

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Is this for you?

The Gathering is an online community call for people with lived experience of trauma, trauma recovery, and/or living with neurodivergence who want to explore and participate in collective healing.

If these sound like you, you're in the right place:

  • Are you craving connection with others who are on a similar path as you?
  • Do you wish you could be witnessed, validated, and supported in your healing by others who truly understand and 'get it'?
  • Have you been feeling disconnected from others, wondering how you will find a sense of belonging or a community that's supportive?
  • Do you KNOW in your heart that community is critical in the healing process? Do you see how our individual healing will make collective healing possible (that our 'self-work' is world-work and you're HERE FOR IT?!)?
  • Have you been disillusioned by traditional mental health spaces or hurt by the mental health system (and/or any of the many harmful systems in our society)?
  • Have you been challenged (or even traumatized) within society because of your “otherness”?
  • Are you tired of being up-sold by "woo-woo capitalism", having your trauma commodified, or being FOMO'd into a healing community that's maybe a bit cult-y?

Who are we?

We're a group of creative, rebellious spirits that also happen to be living with neurodiversity and mental health struggles.

We want to connect, share, and collaborate with others in a collective healing community built on the awareness that we all carry unique knowledge and lived experiences, and hold wisdom.

We're exploring what comes after this capitalist, ableist, patriarchal and white supremacist society that's suppressing our authentic self-expression and access to authentic community.

We're rebellious beings and rambunctious truth speakers who are giving our all to our personal healing and evolution...and we're over being alone in it. As humans, it is our birthright to experience acceptance, inclusion, and belonging - and to step into the perfect imperfection of our human beingness.

We are...

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