About Art Flock


Art Flock is a free co-created, in-person, social-justice minded community arts circle for creative minds to share their lived experiences, learn and share new skills, make art, and connect. We will work co-collaboratively within this group to craft a safe space that strives to meet the diverse and varying needs of our friends, without judgment. We welcome folks from diverse racial, ethnic, 2SLGBTQIA+, Indigenous identities, abilities and art experience.

This collective emerged from a compassionate assembly of individuals who have grown disillusioned with the exclusive nature of conventional “fine art” spaces, such as galleries and art schools. As such, many of us have struggled to find support within the community to create and showcase our creations.

We acknowledge the crucial role of community in the process of creating art. By fostering a collective bond through art, we aim to enhance both ourselves and our artistic endeavors through community support.

Each person brings distinct knowledge, wisdom, and lived experiences with them. We all inherently deserve acceptance, inclusivity, and a sense of belonging as complete and valuable human beings. Our purpose lies in forming creative relationships, forging connections, and collaboratively building artistic communities.

As kindred spirits in the realm of art, we commonly share the experience of being undervalued by a capitalist, ableist, patriarchal, and white supremacist society. These systems fail to emphasize or cultivate genuine community engagement.

The strength of our group lies in the wisdom and caliber of the individuals involved. We naturally attract and magnetize our community of people who are collectively healing and growing their arts practice.

Our Mandates:

We will join forces to establish a local community hub where individuals with artistic inclinations and a passion for creating can come together to exchange knowledge, ideas, skills, lived experiences, and make art. The aim is to cultivate a nurturing environment that is driven by the community itself.

We will engage in collaboration with fellow members to shape and mold this community. Through group discussions and actively seeking input, ideas, and constructive feedback from all participants, we will collectively co-create the vision and establish guiding principles for our group.

We will create and maintain a safe space that is open-minded and inclusive, specifically catering to women, individuals from diverse racial, ethnic, 2SLGBTQIA+, and Indigenous backgrounds, as well as people with different abilities. This space will foster connections and provide a sense of belonging for all those on their artistic journey.

Safety Guideposts:

Sometimes community spaces such as these can be triggering. While in groups, people may share some deep stuff. Before sharing, please be mindful about triggering others. If you feel triggered at any point, please take care of yourself in ways that feel best for you (e.g. taking a break to meditate, drink water, breathe fresh air, pull someone aside if needed). You are always welcome to reach out to the hosts (Christina & Ellen) if you need support. Please respect everyone's privacy by keeping what is said in these meetings confidential. Of course, you can speak about what you feel and think or have said when outside of this group, but remember not to speak about what others have said.


This is your art-time. Please bring whichever materials you prefer to use during studio time. We will also have a community art-box with free, no questions asked materials for anyone to use. If you do end up making a mess, that’s okay. Just remember that you’re responsible for cleaning up!

Sign up:

Please visit https://www.lampinhand.com/art-flock.

About the Facilitators:

Ellen Snowball (she/they) is a queer, disabled interdisciplinary artist living in Guelph. In her art practice, she often works with photography, videography and installation to discuss topics related to trauma, identity, illness and loss. Ellen graduated from the Interdisciplinary Masters in Art Media and Design program at OCAD University in April of 2019. In 2020, she began working with Kathy McGilton and Jennifer Bethell at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute - University Health Network as a Research Associate coordinating the Engagement of People with Lived Experience of Dementia (EPLED) Advisory Group. www.ellensnowball.com

Christina Faith Cameletti (she/her) is a lawyer and artist with a disability in Guelph, Ontario. Christina is on the Board of Directors for Ed Video Media Arts Centre. She is the founder of this arts website & blog “Lamp in Hand” dedicated to helping others find joy in creativity. When not painting, Christina assists her clients with wills, powers of attorney and residential real estate transactions at Cameletti & Cameletti Law Office.

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